Dojo Lessons: Teachers and Students

 First thoughts: “When one teaches, two learn” – Robert Heinlein. I’ve been teaching karate for a long time now, and I’ll confess, there are still days when I don’t get how others don’t get it.  It has always come relatively easily to me, and I’m one of those who learns best by doing.  Ninety nine […]

The “Music” of Kata

A kata is a series of pre-arranged movements following a prescribed pattern.  There is an inherent rhythm and pace to the movements, a “beat” if you will.  A kata can be compared to a piece of music, as simple as a lullaby or nursery rhyme, or as complex as a symphony. No one truly knows how […]

Martial Arts and the Information Age.

The irony of this, my inaugural blog post, has not escaped me.  By its very nature, it couldn’t exist anywhere but  the ‘Net.  This, along with a couple of other ideas I want to explore, is the genesis for the subject. Social media provides a staggering amount of martial arts information, spanning the spectrum from the ridiculous to […]